Robinson can’t fail to put a smile on your face despite the bittersweet lyrics that pursue an air of melancholy....BBC6 Music

an acute attention to lyrical detail, both spinning yarns about characters and protagonists in the same mould as any great storyteller....Culture Fly

...the clarity and directness of Andy's writing, singing, production and performance made these two exceptional records...Tom Robinson BBC 6 Music

Top quality off kilter folk. 
Robinson has a skill of dressing up dark tales with audience pleasing melodies
...Indie Music Mag

..simple and effective melodies, nice and interesting chord changes, and most definitely the desire to do something a little different and unexpected. ..Maverick

...his plaintive and soulful voice wraps itself around his melodies like a particularly comfortable blanket... Americana UK Review

Unusual and beautiful lyrics, a relentless hook and a voice that could make compliance sound fascinating...Janice Long BBC Radio 2

The voice recalls the delicate hush of John Martyn, while understated clarinets and violins add texture to his unfussy guitar picking...Uncut Magazine